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A month has passed by since I started writing this blog......

Wow time just flies by. I started writing this blog in the beginning of September and now it is October. It's been fabulous writing and expressing my views with all of you. I have learnt many new things by just writing out my mind. It's been a wonderful journey and couldn't have been possible without each one of you who have read these articles.
I will keep on writing more and more and keep on sharing my thoughts with all of you. Once again thanks for supporting me.

Some of the best books that I have read recently

I have read some books this year and have learnt a great deal from each one of them. I have learnt new things in each book and have begun to use their ideas in a positive manner. Some of the books that I have thoroughly enjoyed are-
1. Rafa- My Story - Rafael Nadal and John Carlin(autobiography)
2. Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less- Jeffrey Archer(fiction)
3. Micheal Phelps(autobiography)
4. The Old Man and The Sea- Ernest Hemingway(fiction)
5. The Moonballer- Nirupama Vaidyanathan (autobiography)

These are some of the books that I really liked. Hope you like them too.

Travelling Opens New Horizons

Travel is one way in which we are able to explore more. Right from the discovering of the fact that the world is spherical to today where aeroplanes and airports connect so many cities together,travelling has been extremely important.
I personally love to travel to different places. I love to explore and enhance my knowledge and travelling is one way in which we can achieve this. Travelling makes us aware about different cultures, different people and show us the different regions of the world. We are able to make new friends, eat new kinds of things, visit lovely places of interest and learn more about the place's history.
I have travelled to several different countries and continents. I love travelling to different places which have different types of climates and are located in different regions. I feel that we are able to learn so much more by travelling than we ever learn in our lives. Travelling also makes us communicate better and makes us more confident.
So if you are adv…

Meditation soothes the mind,body and soul

We all have jam-packed lives. We don't even have time for ourselves these days. But if we want to become more prosperous in any aspect of our life we must realise that we should be taking out at least half an hour per day for ourselves. During this time we must spend on reflecting on ourselves, on our life and what we must do to achieve more and more. We must  be peaceful and concentrate hard on not  thinking too much about the things that are happening around us but just try to and focus on the things that will happen to us.
We can do this in the form of meditation. We can spend these crucial 30 minutes or so listening to soft music or just closing our eyes and reflecting on ourselves. We must believe that we are transported into another world  just for a few minutes and are at peace with ourselves.
This will definitely help us in overcoming our fears and give us new dimensions in  life. We would be able to achieve even those things that once seemed impossible to achieve.
This i…

A Short Video on my Chess Journey so far

Hi everybody this is a video on my chess journey so far. Hope you all like it and continue to take up the game and make chess a more popular sport in the world.

Food,Books,Films and Music

Food, Books,Films and Music are the best things to happen to me. I am a total foodie though I practice vegetarianism. I love to try out different cuisines and wherever I go I like to try their special varieties and dishes. Recently I had gone to South Africa and had an awesome time eating the traditional 'Afrikaans' food there. I like a lot of variety and the most delicious dish that I have ever laid my hands upon is the Cheese Fondue in Switzerland. I continue to eat fondue in India in the winters and love to go to restaurants like Diva in Delhi where the fondue is just out of the world.
'Bukhara' and 'House of Ming' are the other two restaurants in Central Delhi where I just love to drop by. Food makes a person lively and makes one enjoy ourselves to the fullest. It can be a stress buster at times and an energy booster. It just makes everything perfect when we are in a bad mood.
Books are the best gift given to mankind. They are your best friends and are the…

Fight till the end

Winners are those who never give up. This is the characteristic that differentiates between a winner and a loser. Those who win sometimes might not always continue to win in the future. It is those people who stand out in the world who even after a loss come up and have the courage to fight back and win.
We must always have a motive to just do our best and even if we are in a losing position we must try to maintain a positive energy around us which will help us to succeed in life. We might face temporary failures but these should only be seen as a cloud passing by and as stepping stones to success. We must treasure each and every moment of our lives and should not lose hope even until the last moment. We must value what we've got and must realise the worth of our lives. We must enjoy our lives to the fullest and keep on going in the right path to success. A person who is a fighter is always on top.
I have learnt many things on the chessboard. The one most important thing that I h…

Losses are not just losses. They are the most important learnings in life.

Losses are not just losses. They are more than that. They are the most important learnings in life. If we lose a match we shouldn't feel that we have lost everything and cannot come back. We should look at them as important learnings. If we see them as a learning we will learn from our mistakes and never make them again.
Everyone can't win. Someone has to win and someone has to lose. If we all start winning the world will cease to be diverse. If everyone could become a world champion then how easy would life be? We need to unlock our potentials which is the most important thing in life. We need to accept defeats and we need to learn how to move on. We need to have a positive outlook in life which will make us walk on the correct track. If we get agitated by small losses we can never achieve anything big in life. To achieve a great deal in life we must learn to take risks and lose sometimes as we cannot always win. We should look out for the bigger wins than just the small los…

Serena Williams:The Superwoman of Modern Day Tennis

Serena Williams. Who doesn't know her? Currently on course for winning her Calendar Year Grand Slam. Just two more matches to go. I wonder where she gets that power and strength to play such tennis. She is a superwoman. Winner of 21 Grand Slam Singles titles and numerous doubles and mixed doubles crowns as well. She is the current numero uno in the world and the current Olympic ladies singles champion. This year has turned out to be the best for her so far and if she just wins two more matches she would be creating yet another historic feat. She would be tied with Steffi Graf to be the most decorated ladies singles grand slam champion in the open era and I don't think that even Margaret Court's record of 24 titles would be far.
Serena's story is an inspiration for many and she is one of the most dedicated players on tour. With age catching up she is just getting better each day. She is already in her thirties and is still going strong on the tennis front.
Serena has n…

Pressure? Where is it?

Pressure is a feeling that comes from our minds. We all feel pressurized in some way or the other. But what is the actual meaning of pressure? I feel that pressure is just a preconceived notion of what is going to happen in the immediate future or in the future. I feel that it is something voluntary and comes because of our fearful attitude. We must realise that pressure builds up when we are constantly thinking about what will happen to us. We must realise that this pressure not only hinders our intellectual capabilities but also our hidden potential. We must learn how to curb the pressure. The normal human psychology says that every person has a tendency to take this pressure but very few learn to get over it quickly and achieve what they want in life.
If we take too much pressure we might not land up where we want to be. If you want to go ahead in life learn from pressure and tell it to run away before you kill it. If you apply this strategy you will definitely overcome your fears…

I want to be in Magnus Carlsen's Shoes one day

This was an article that I had written for an essay writing competition organised by the Norwegian Embassy in New Delhi in March 2014 on account of their country's superhero Magnus Carlsen who had won his first world title in November 2013 in Chennai,Tamil Nadu,India. My article was selected as the 15 best prize winning entries across the country. The competition was open for children in the age group of 13-15 years. I received my prize ( a certificate, a note from the ambassador of Norway in India and a T-shirt signed by Magnus himself) from the Ambassador of Norway Mr.Eivind S. Homme in the Norwegian Embassy in New Delhi. It was a proud moment for me as I was also able to share my thoughts with the other fourteen winners in a group discussion that was held before the prize giving. I would like to thank the Norwegian Embassy and the honourable ambassador for their support.  Here is the article- Magnus Carlsen takes to the chess board like a fish does to water in the seas of Norw…

Tangible Things:Discovering history by looking at objects

I recently took a course on tangible things by the Harvard University. It was an extremely interesting course as I learnt a lot about tangible things and what are their symbolic meanings. I learnt about how by just looking at different tangible things for a long time can actually make us understand about their significance. For eg. A chair is not only a chair is tells us a long history. A chair is not only a chair it is a work of art.
The course was an intensive Four Week Course starting in the month of August 2015 and lasted till mid September. It was an important step for me as I learnt more about the history of objects and what each one had in store for us. I learnt about different objects and their stories.
Since I enjoy history I really liked this course. It took me into a different world full of new ideas and innovations. I was really taken up by this course and started to look at different objects around me differently.
I would like to thank the Harvard University and EDX for …

Follow your passions and go for glory

Everybody has passions. They might be similar, they might be different. Passions are our heart's desires to do something. For me writing,chess,sports,cooking,reading,film making and painting are are these desires. I just love to do these things. Even if you wake me up in the middle of the night telling me that you want to play a game of chess I would be ready to do it.
Passions are important aspects in everybody's life. They tell us our hidden potential and talents. If we have a passion for something we must follow that even though it might not be so popular. We must do whatever our heart desires and not on anybody's saying so. We must take pleasure in whatever we are doing. We must be ready to sacrifice anything for what we do.
If you are interested in different things and are not sure what you will end up doing just explore all those things and only then will you find out what is best for you.
Passions are extremely important in life. If you have a passion for something…

An experience of a lifetime

I have been playing chess for a long time now. I have represented my school,state and country. It has been a wonderful journey indeed. The biggest event for me was this year's Commonwealth Championships. It was held in New Delhi in the Park Plaza hotel Shahdra and it was my first ever commonwealth championship experience. It was held from 22nd- 30th June 2015. The tournament format was a nine round swiss system championship and I participated in the open category event.
The tournament was a wonderful experience. I trained hard for this event and managed to increase some rating points as well. I played against players from different Commonwealth countries like Malaysia and South Africa and made new friends. The event was organised outstandingly and it was one of the best tournaments for me ever. I also got to play in the same tournament as strong grandmasters and other titled players. I learnt a lot from this tournament and gained in experience. It was wonderful to represent my co…

Give flight to your dreams

A dream is a thought that each one has in his mind. All our dreams are different. Some might be realistic and others might just have too much of fantasy. But can dreams do something good for us? Ofcourse they can. If we dream big most of our desires come true. We must dream to become as only then can we send a positive energy to the universe for something good to happen to us. We should always dream about what we want to achieve in our lives. The people who are successful today have not only become successful because of their tremendous amount of hardwork but also because they had the dream, the vision and the passion to be successful. We can look at so many people around us who have achieved something in their lives. The way they have achieved it is different for everybody but the most common thing that all of them did was to have big dreams and ambitions. If you have dreams only then can you actually achieve that dream. Novak Djokovic dreamt as a 6 year old boy watching Pete Sampra…

Man's Greatest Enemy:Fear

What is a man's greatest enemy? These are different for different people but the most common that applies to all is fear. So what is fear? It is nothing but a distraction. In today's world every person has something or the other to fear about. It can be different for everybody but each one of us has this tendency to fear. It not only disturbs our inner peace but it also affects our mind and disturbs the brain's function. It always makes us feel nervous and tensed and affects our well being. We sometimes get dieseases such as hypertension and might even have heart pains due to this tendency to fear.
All of us must realize that life is not made to fear. It is made to live, enjoy and survive peacefully. We must take everything as a challenge accepted. But we must not worry and fear too much about the aftermaths. We must live in the moment and try to be at peace with ourselves. If fear is your constant companion you will never be able to succeed in whatever you are doing beca…

How chess imitates life

Chess is a game of the mind. There is a constant battle going on until the end of the game and the two players have to get into their opponents minds to win the battle. The game brings to the player the desire to win which helps him develop a positive attitude in life. The game is a challenge and it teaches the learner to fight constant battles in his life. We are able to develop a positive approach in life even when we are facing trouble. We learn to think ahead as we need to make a plan to win the game and likewise in life we need to have our goals in place. We need to think ahead for the future but at the same time watch what is happening in our present lives like on the chessboard. We need to make plans and strategies for attacking our opponent but we also need to see his threats. Chess also teaches us to be patient and releases our anguish and pain. It becomes a person's best friend when we start playing the game. The game teaches us how to live peacefully and enjoy one'…