Follow your passions and go for glory

Everybody has passions. They might be similar, they might be different. Passions are our heart's desires to do something. For me writing,chess,sports,cooking,reading,film making and painting are are these desires. I just love to do these things. Even if you wake me up in the middle of the night telling me that you want to play a game of chess I would be ready to do it.
Passions are important aspects in everybody's life. They tell us our hidden potential and talents. If we have a passion for something we must follow that even though it might not be so popular. We must do whatever our heart desires and not on anybody's saying so. We must take pleasure in whatever we are doing. We must be ready to sacrifice anything for what we do.
If you are interested in different things and are not sure what you will end up doing just explore all those things and only then will you find out what is best for you.
Passions are extremely important in life. If you have a passion for something only then can you survive in this world full of competition. If you really love to do something only then can you excel in that particular thing. Only then can you go for glory. Only then can you actually win.
All in all passions are meant to be explored,worked on and should be enjoyed thoroughly.


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