How chess imitates life

Chess is a game of the mind. There is a constant battle going on until the end of the game and the two players have to get into their opponents minds to win the battle. The game brings to the player the desire to win which helps him develop a positive attitude in life. The game is a challenge and it teaches the learner to fight constant battles in his life. We are able to develop a positive approach in life even when we are facing trouble. We learn to think ahead as we need to make a plan to win the game and likewise in life we need to have our goals in place. We need to think ahead for the future but at the same time watch what is happening in our present lives like on the chessboard. We need to make plans and strategies for attacking our opponent but we also need to see his threats. Chess also teaches us to be patient and releases our anguish and pain. It becomes a person's best friend when we start playing the game. The game teaches us how to live peacefully and enjoy one's life to the fullest. It develops our brain so much that we are able to think about different things simultaneously at the same time. It helps us reflect on our lives and on our faults and weaknesses. It helps us find our strengths and makes them stronger. It has been rightly said that all chess players are artists but not all artists are chess players. Chess paints a unique picture in our minds which helps us develop our true potential. It helps us discover our hidden potential and makes us into stronger and better human beings.
Chess is a not only a game it is a life changing experience.   


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