Tangible Things:Discovering history by looking at objects

I recently took a course on tangible things by the Harvard University. It was an extremely interesting course as I learnt a lot about tangible things and what are their symbolic meanings. I learnt about how by just looking at different tangible things for a long time can actually make us understand about their significance. For eg. A chair is not only a chair is tells us a long history. A chair is not only a chair it is a work of art.
The course was an intensive Four Week Course starting in the month of August 2015 and lasted till mid September. It was an important step for me as I learnt more about the history of objects and what each one had in store for us. I learnt about different objects and their stories.
Since I enjoy history I really liked this course. It took me into a different world full of new ideas and innovations. I was really taken up by this course and started to look at different objects around me differently.
I would like to thank the Harvard University and EDX for bringing this course to the world. I really liked the experience of studying this course and I hope to do more such courses in the future.


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