IAYP Journey

The International Award for Young People is an award programme headed by the Duke of Edinburgh.It is an award for young people between the ages of 14-25. I started the programme in December 2013 and have enjoyed my experience thoroughly.There are three levels of the award program- Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each level has its own rules and regulations. There are four sections that one needs to complete in each level namely Skills, Service, Physical Recreation and Adventure Journey. In addition to these four sections there is another section in the Gold level which is a residential project. I completed the bronze level in July 2014 and it took me three months to complete it which is the time frame in which we are required to complete this level. I am currently pursuing the silver level and plan to go for the Gold.
The IAYP program has taught me new things and has made me get better at them. With a constant battle to fill the diary one has to do his/her tasks seriously. Though the Award is tough it is a lot of fun. However we should remember that nothing comes to us easily. It takes a lot of time, energy and effort to complete this award. I really enjoyed doing this program and continue to get motivated by it to do better at my activities.
I hope to achieve the Gold Award soon and I am working my way towards achieving it.


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