Never lose hope.....

Hope is something that everyone should have. We must always be optimistic and look to fight it out till the end. We must always believe that there can be a way out. We must always tell ourselves that the universe will come to our rescue if it is in our destiny. Each and every minute and second of our lives should be filled with hope and optimism. We must believe that WE CAN DO IT,JUST DO IT. Only then can we actually achieve something.
I have experienced this quite a few times when I was in a losing position but since I had the optimism and hope that I would somehow manage to win,I actually sent a message to the universe saying that please make me win. I tried my best, gave my best and got the best. It was a moment to remember when I actually won a match when I was in a losing position. It gives me the confidence to improve and become better every day.
So I hope that this will give you some direction to being optimistic and having the amount of hope that will make you win in the race of life.


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