Clean air drive at the India Gate 2015......

Modern School Vasant Vihar organised a 'Clean Delhi Air' Drive at the India Gate on 28th November 2015. All the students from grades 4-12 participated in a silent march held at the Rajpath Road in New Delhi. I participated in this drive too and it was a proud feeling that my school organised such a grand event. There were over 1,000 students who participated to make the air cleaner in Delhi. The best part about this event was that we as children of the city of Delhi and the future of the city could do something good to clean the city's polluted air.
Each one of us wore badges,masks and walked for about 4 kms. The chief guest of the event was Mr. Salman Khurshid who graced the event with his presence. The students also presented a short skit and sang songs to make the event a big success. The National Anthem in front of India Gate was a moment to remember. It made me feel like a true Indian and I could feel my heart pumping the whole time.Go Modern!!!!!


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