Festival time......

Come October end and most parties and carnivals start in our country. It is the time for the festival of lights and there are numerous other activities.
This is a time in the year when each and every Indian loves to eat sweets,celebrate with their families, thank the lord for their blessings and host gatherings.
We celebrate the unity of the country and the cultural diversity. It is the most festive time of the year and every one waits for this part of the year to come eagerly.
I love Diwali. Not just because of the lights but also because this is a time when I get together with my entire extended family. I get loads of gifts and enjoy the food. I also love thanking the lord for his blessings and always being there for me,though I feel that one must do that each and every minute of his/her lives.
Diwali has a rich tradition. It marks the victory of 'Good over Evil' and the return of Lord Rama to his home after 14 years in exile. Every year there is a separate date for this festival though it is always in the end of October or early November. It is extremely beautiful as on the day of Diwali all the houses are light up with lights and 'diyas' and each person does a religious ceremony called 'puja' in his or her home.
Diwali will always be special to me and I feel that the festival has light up my life as well.


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