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A champion's mind

What is it that makes world class players different from amateurs? It is the kind of mindset that the top players have that makes them get an edge over others.
If we want to reach the summit, we must have a positive attitude and the correct mindset. We must always remember that winning and losing is all part of the game and should not get too excited after a win and not  get too disappointed after a loss.The trick is to remain calm after every game and focus on what went wrong and how we could improve our mistakes. We must remember to never make the same mistakes again.
There is a saying that in every loss there is a win and by following this principle in some of our lean patches of our careers we can come out on top.
The correct mindset will allow us to think clearly and help us to maintain positivity around us. We must strive for a strong mind as it will help us to come out on top even in the most difficult situations. We must realise that to achieve our dream we will have to work …