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The FIDE Online Arena

The FIDE Online Arena is a platform created by the FIDE for playing online chess and achieving ratings and titles. What had earlier been impossible to achieve for most players, achieving titles are now just a computer away. The Arena makes it easy for players to play and compete against one another. Here players also get a chance to play simultaneous games with top players and  compete in daily tournaments. If you ever wanted to play in a World Championship, the arena has given you an opportunity by creating the World Online Junior, Amateur and Women Blitz Championships. The winners are entitled to many benefits. There are tournaments such as the Paul Keres Memorial Blitz Championships, the Slim Grand Prix, the Rapid Marathon and how can one forget the All India Blitz Championships. All this is just the beginning. The Arena also has facilities where players can watch video tutorials and analyze their games. They can keep a track of all their results and statistics of their matches. Hav…

Meeting two Grandmasters in a week

It was a dream come true week for me when I got the opportunity to meet two grandmasters. I got to interact with GM Abhijeet Gupta and GM David Alberto. My chess group 'the chess for children with Tania Sachdev and Vishal Sareen group' got this special opportunity in the new year of 2016.
Firstly I met Abhijeet Gupta when I had organised a special playing session with all the players of our group before a prestigious tournament. Abhijeet had come for an impromptu visit which we were not aware about. It was a huge surprise when he walked into our playing arena and I was extremely excited to meet a former National Champion and Olympiad medal winner. After we had finished our games all the children got an opportunity to play a 'special' game with him. This game was special as Abhijeet played blindfolded with each one of us. Though the score was in his favour as he won all his games it was one of the best experiences of our lives. I would like to thank Vishal Sir and Abhi…

Learning the Sports Way

Sport is something which teaches everybody how to  grow and become better human beings. It teaches values which are otherwise hard to learn on our own.It gives a feeling of satisfaction when we win and also teaches us to accept our mistakes when we lose. By playing a sport, one learns not only the nuances of sport but also a lot about psychology in life . All sports players need to have a good understanding about the human brain and by playing sports we learn it on the way. We learn how to think in critical situations, how to play under pressure and how to motivate ourselves in the most difficult positions. Sports players find it easy to navigate through the daunting situations in their lives as they experience that kind of pressure every time they go out to play on the field. Sport also teaches the player how to go for glory and win battles against stiff opposition. Playing sports not only makes one fitter and stronger, it also develops our personality. We are able to travel to diff…

Reading is fun!

To read a book is like making a new friend. Every book that I read taught me something new and interesting. I like reading books of different genres ranging from sports to classics and even new fiction. Reading is something that makes us go into a world which is different and it helps us understand different characters and plots. I also enjoy reading magazines and newspapers which give us the latest happenings in the world.
Reading not only develops our mind, it also helps us in improving our language and vocabulary. We are able to go deep into a story and find its true meaning. Now there are different forms of reading and we can even read stories on the kindle or the ipad. With the improvements in technology, reading books has become even more interesting and enjoyable. I just can't go to bed without reading something or the other. Autobiographies have been an all time favourite. I really enjoyed reading the autobiographies of different sports players and being a sportswoman mys…

An eventful month

The new year began with a lot of surprises for me. I was first awarded the Arena Fide Master Title by FIDE. I also won the Best Girl Player Runner Up in the Parsavnath B Category International Fide Rating Chess tournament. The victory was followed up by another good performance in a tournament organised by my school where I finished in third place. Lastly I went to Mumbai to participate in the Mumbai International Open Chess Tournament which was a one of a kind tournament experience. It was one of the best tournaments that I have ever participated in. With the best playing conditions it gave the players an opportunity to experience a world class event.
These victories didn't only bring joy but they also gave me satisfaction for the amount of work that I had put into it. I learnt that victories don't come easy. It's extremely difficult to climb the summit in anything that you do and to reach that level one needs to take each step slowly and steadily. We need to move in the…