Meeting two Grandmasters in a week

It was a dream come true week for me when I got the opportunity to meet two grandmasters. I got to interact with GM Abhijeet Gupta and GM David Alberto. My chess group 'the chess for children with Tania Sachdev and Vishal Sareen group' got this special opportunity in the new year of 2016.
Firstly I met Abhijeet Gupta when I had organised a special playing session with all the players of our group before a prestigious tournament. Abhijeet had come for an impromptu visit which we were not aware about. It was a huge surprise when he walked into our playing arena and I was extremely excited to meet a former National Champion and Olympiad medal winner. After we had finished our games all the children got an opportunity to play a 'special' game with him. This game was special as Abhijeet played blindfolded with each one of us. Though the score was in his favour as he won all his games it was one of the best experiences of our lives. I would like to thank Vishal Sir and Abhijeet himself for giving us this opportunity.
This day was extremely special as it was the first time that I had organised a chess playing session with rated players at my terrace and it was made better than the best with Grandmaster Gupta's presence.
Just a few days later another interactive session was held in our class with GM Alberto David from Italy who had come specially to teach us. He gave us some important insights about the game and also showed us one of his recent games. We also had the opportunity to ask him our questions related to the game.
The week was one of the best weeks in my life ever and I would never forget this experience.
With GM Alberto David

With GM Abhijeet Gupta

During the interactive session


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