Important Learnings in Life

As we say that 'You Only Live Once', we should respect our lives and enjoy each moment that we are there in this world. This life is a gift to us by God and we all are his children. We should respect each and every individual in this world and treat everybody equally. We should learn to be truthful and humble despite all our achievements. I have learnt a lot by just following these simple teachings and I have noticed that almost every person who ever reaches a high position in his or her life has followed these rules. Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and many others have just showed us that success only comes when we are civil and hard working. The teachings of Gandhiji are guided by non-violence and 'ahimsa' and finding the truth.
I believe in this ideology and I think that if one wants to find the true meaning of his being, he has to look within himself and find out what he is truly capable of doing. I believe that we all have come into this world with a purpose and if we find out that purpose we can achieve our ambitions and dreams. So I would conclude by saying that follow your hearts and desires, search for your being but in the correct way and only then can you truly reach the summit of your life.


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