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Another Exciting Day at the NGO

It was yet another exciting day at the NGO where I teach the children how to play better chess. I did something interesting today as I held a short quiz on the topics that I had covered in the earlier classes to test their knowledge. It was a fun way to start the class, I thought. Then I went on to some more serious stuff. I gave all the children sheets of chess puzzles which they had to solve in the class. Each child got a sheet each and they solved simple positions on checkmating the opponent's king in one, two and three moves.
After they solved eight positions in a record breaking time of just half an hour, we took to learning new concepts. It's amazing to see how each one of them can concentrate so hard on the game during the class and solve these positions easily. I am happy that these children are progressing in each class.
I taught them some golden rules to win chess games. I taught them the things to keep in mind while playing the opening, middle game and the endgame.

A simultaneous exhibition

It was yet another session with the enthusiastic learners at the NGO. This time I tried out something different and which I had never myself experienced before. I tried to play a simultaneous with the children. I played on six boards all with black pieces and managed to win all. However that was not what made me happy that day. For the first time I realized how important is to motivate and make these children play the game and learn more in every session. I could understand where they stood and it gave me a clear picture of their strengths and weaknesses. I can now devise a clearer and better plan as to how I should continue teaching new things about the game to them.
After the simultaneous which lasted for an hour, I explained to them their mistakes and where most of them were going wrong. I gave them a list of rules and guidelines that they could follow to have a good position in the opening stages of the game. I also taught them about tactics like 'discovered attack', '…

An eventful session

I went for another session to the NGO and taught the students a bit more on the game. This is part of a workshop of 30 hours which involves teaching the basic principles of chess. In this second session I taught the students how to play in a tournament and the typical requirements of a tournament. I taught them about how to use a clock, the kinds of draws in chess, special moves like 'en passant' and 'castling', how to write a game, rules like 'touch and move rule', adjusting a piece, illegal moves and also gave them basic positions on how to checkmate the opponents king. The last fifteen minutes of the class involved a quick game played by the students against each other and I also showed them pictures of Grandmasters like Vishy Anand and Magnus Carlsen. The students were very enthusiastic and motivated and I enjoyed teaching them thoroughly. I now look forward to seeing at least one of them becoming a stronger player  and win tournaments. I was eager to give…

Teaching Chess to the underprivileged

I took up the initiative to teach chess to the underprivileged at an NGO in New Delhi. It was an endeavour to spread my knowledge on the game that I have been playing for the past nine years. I wanted to teach the children and make chess more enjoyable for them. It was an amazing experience as I interacted and taught ten children between the ages of 10-15. The children were enthusiastic for the entire duration of the session for two hours. I taught them basic tactics in the middle game like 'the pin' and 'the double attack' by giving them puzzles to solve. I also taught them about the three stages of the game namely the Opening, the middle game and the endgame. I also taught them how to win a 'King and two pawns v/s King' endgame. Tournament rules were also a must to teach as I want to make them play in tournaments. I told them some of the most important tournament rules.
The last part of the session involved playing some practice games and the students challe…

IPL Season 9

The IPL started with a bang on 9th April 2016 with the Mumbai Indians taking on the newest team in this edition of the IPL, the Rising Pune Supergiants. The match turned into the favour of the new team and they won convincingly.
The IPL  started in 2008 and over the years has become the most watched league in the world of cricket. A cash rich league, it gives the domestic players a chance to showcase their talents and make it to the top league. The IPL also attracts the media and the entertainment industry. The likes of superstars like Shah Rukh Khan, Preity Zinta and Juhi Chawla own teams while the big industrialists like Mukesh Ambani and Sanjiv Goenka also have their share in the ownership of the teams.
The IPL is hugely popular and is getting bigger and better each year. The stadiums are packed with fans and it is the best time of the season to visit India.
The IPL has fireworks, drama, action and of course smashing sixes out of the park. It's a package deal of entertainment,…