A simultaneous exhibition

It was yet another session with the enthusiastic learners at the NGO. This time I tried out something different and which I had never myself experienced before. I tried to play a simultaneous with the children. I played on six boards all with black pieces and managed to win all. However that was not what made me happy that day. For the first time I realized how important is to motivate and make these children play the game and learn more in every session. I could understand where they stood and it gave me a clear picture of their strengths and weaknesses. I can now devise a clearer and better plan as to how I should continue teaching new things about the game to them.
After the simultaneous which lasted for an hour, I explained to them their mistakes and where most of them were going wrong. I gave them a list of rules and guidelines that they could follow to have a good position in the opening stages of the game. I also taught them about tactics like 'discovered attack', 'discovered check' and 'knight fork'. I also showed them a few ways to mate the opponent's king like 'the back rank mate' and the smothered mate. I also taught them a bit about chess history and told them about the origins of the game and the modern game. I also talked about the main governing bodies of chess like the FIDE, the AICF and the Delhi Chess Association at the international, national and state levels respectively.
I myself went through the things that I had learnt when I had just begun to play this beautiful game. I enjoyed visiting the 'old days' and now look forward to expanding not just their horizons but mine as well as I know that only by sharing knowledge do you actually get more.
Looking forward for the next sessions.
Here are a few pictures-


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