An eventful session

I went for another session to the NGO and taught the students a bit more on the game. This is part of a workshop of 30 hours which involves teaching the basic principles of chess. In this second session I taught the students how to play in a tournament and the typical requirements of a tournament. I taught them about how to use a clock, the kinds of draws in chess, special moves like 'en passant' and 'castling', how to write a game, rules like 'touch and move rule', adjusting a piece, illegal moves and also gave them basic positions on how to checkmate the opponents king. The last fifteen minutes of the class involved a quick game played by the students against each other and I also showed them pictures of Grandmasters like Vishy Anand and Magnus Carlsen. The students were very enthusiastic and motivated and I enjoyed teaching them thoroughly. I now look forward to seeing at least one of them becoming a stronger player  and win tournaments. I was eager to give out as much knowledge as I had and share my experiences with the children. I also want to give them as many resources as I had when I had started playing chess.
I also distributed glasses of "Mango Panna", a special drink for beating Delhi's scorching heat. I had made enough to distribute these glasses to close to a hundred students. This drink was made fresh from my farm and also tested my cookery skills. The drinks were enjoyed by one and all.
I also plan to build a library in the NGO for the students' use and have collected books from many of my cousins and friends in my neighbourhood and the extra books that I had and have donated them to the NGO.
I also gave the NGO stationery to give to each child when they come and learn at the NGO. I collected this stationery from my extra stock and also carried out a donation campaign in my neighbourhood.

Here are a few pictures -


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