Another Exciting Day at the NGO

It was yet another exciting day at the NGO where I teach the children how to play better chess. I did something interesting today as I held a short quiz on the topics that I had covered in the earlier classes to test their knowledge. It was a fun way to start the class, I thought. Then I went on to some more serious stuff. I gave all the children sheets of chess puzzles which they had to solve in the class. Each child got a sheet each and they solved simple positions on checkmating the opponent's king in one, two and three moves.
After they solved eight positions in a record breaking time of just half an hour, we took to learning new concepts. It's amazing to see how each one of them can concentrate so hard on the game during the class and solve these positions easily. I am happy that these children are progressing in each class.
I taught them some golden rules to win chess games. I taught them the things to keep in mind while playing the opening, middle game and the endgame.
After this discussion and analysis, I thought that it was time for them to enjoy the rest of the twenty minutes of the class time. So I paired them up for a quick game of chess against each other. It was a pleasure to watch their games and teach them new ideas and moves. I am learning myself and I think that teaching them is also developing my mind.
After the class got over I gave them a bag to keep for future tournaments. Their smiling faces made my day and I hope that I can give them even more happiness by teaching them more and more in the next sessions.

Here are a few pictures-


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