Discussion of the tournament

I held another training session at the NGO. Since the children had just returned from a tournament two days back I wanted to discuss with them all that they had learnt from it and their experiences. I also taught them about basic openings and their names. I showed them one of Mikhail Tal's masterpiece games and asked them their ideas about the game. I talked about strategy and planning and how to win a game. In this class new students joined as they were inspired by the ones who had played the tournament. I am now teaching five more children as well. It is amazing  to see how these kids can concentrate and focus so hard. It gives me some direction in my life as well. Even though I'm their teacher, I am still learning a lot from them. Just by teaching them I am also gaining some practice on my basics and I am learning how to teach and lead a team of young students.I am also proud about the donations that I have managed to collect for the NGO. Loads of books have paved the way for a library that has been created at the NGO. I have also brought in chess books donated by my 'chess friends' from my training group .
I am now looking forward to the next sessions.


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