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Helping society's underprivileged

When God sends us into this universe, everyone is equal. He makes nobody rich or poor. It's we the people who actually do that. We have created this barrier in our country where there exists a vast difference between the privileged and those who aren't so fortunate.
So it is our responsibility to step up and take some action. It can be done in any which way that we like. We might just want to contribute some of our unused things or we might want to contribute in a bigger way by educating or funding entire villages. However small your effort might be it is still going to affect the lives of billions of Indians in a much more positive way.
I have learnt this through my volunteering activities over the years. I started by doing small things just in my neighbourhood but once I started doing it I realised the importance of my work. I started to realise the worth of our being and how even small things can make a huge difference in the lives of the underprivileged.
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