'Queen of Katwe' Special Screening for Salaam Balak Trust

On Monday 3rd October 2016 a special screening of the film-'Queen of Katwe' directed by Mira Nair and produced by Disney Movies was held. I was fortunate to have attended a special screening of this film organised by the Salaam Balak Trust. A trust which looks to lift the underprivileged and give them a better life.
The film was extremely motivational and inspiring. Being a chess player myself, I was extremely excited to watch this film. I was thrilled that such a movie on chess had actually been made. Telling the story of Phiona Mutesi, a young girl who overcome all odds and achieved the WCM Title in chess, the film really touched my heart.
I was left spellbound by watching such a heart warming story. It was not easy for the young girl to achieve what she has done. It just goes to show that anything can be achieved if one has the desire to do well in life. One must work hard and not lose hope or give up in crucial times. One must learn from one's mistakes and never repeat the same again. It is important to believe in oneself and believe in those who want to see us reach the top. Phiona had an outstanding equation with her coach Robert Katende and it goes to show how important it is to value our trainers and mentors.
I was taken up by this film and it is one of the best films that I have ever watched. Being directed by one of my favourite directors, Mira Nair, the film really had a positive impact on me and I will always remember this film forever.
Queen of Katwe is a must watch film for all chess fans and all those who believe that it is important to help the underprivileged.Don't forget to watch the film in the nearest theatre of your town.


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