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Teaching Chess to the Blind

Chess has given me so much in life and I wanted to give back to the game in some way. I decided to start teaching the game to blind students at the National Association of the Blind, RK Puram, New Delhi. I managed to give the students my book-'Chess Notes' in a braille version. They would be participating in the 1st National School Chess Championship for the blind with the help of  my fundraising event.
The students at the NAB, despite their physical handicap, have not lost their interests in life's everyday activities. Chess is one sport which can be played without any shortcomings for the handicapped. The students took full opportunity of this fact and practice almost every day.
They are being trained through skype and online video conferencing sessions. I noticed their dedication and was inspired by their mission to master the game. I learnt a lot by teaching them and it was an experience to remember.
I hope that I would be able to do my best to teach these motivated c…