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Film Making Workshop

It was a great honour to attend a film making workshop with the great director Mr.Shivendra Singh Dungapur. The workshop was organised by INTACH and the Film Heritage Foundation. It was for a span of two days. The workshop was very different from what I thought it might be originally. It was called-Do you speak cinema? It talked about all the different aspects of film and how it can be traced back to its origins. I learnt about how the first ever movie was shot, the kinds of shots that a film maker must take, and I also made my own story board. I learnt about how Indian Cinema was inspired by Chitrakathi paintings. I also learnt about how we perceive our vision and what an image really is all about. During the course of the workshop, I was able to discover many new things and learnt a lot about the art of film making. I was saddened by the way our cinematic history is restored. We have lost most of our films from the past and have not even bothered to restore them. I enjoyed watching…

Pro Chess League

The Pro Chess League is a one of its kind league. It begins on 11th January 2017 and continues for the next two months. It will be a grilling battle between all the competing teams and only the best will emerge victorious.
I am proud to be associated with Delhi Dynamite- a team with players like Grandmaster Abhijeet Gupta, Sahaj Grover, Tania Sachdev, Tejas Bakre, and Lalith Babu. I have been appointed the social media manager of the team and I hope to do my best for the team.
Delhi Dynamite is raring to go for the PRO CHESS LEAGUE and I can't wait for it to start!