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Being on the Delhi Dynamite Team

The Pro Chess League has been quite a roller coaster ride from the start. The Delhi Dynamite team has won hearts world over for its performance in the league stage. For me ,personally, this journey has been one of a kind. I have learnt a lot through this entire process of four months. I have had an opportunity to interview Grandmasters, commentate on their live games, shoot live videos, write blogs, hold promotional activities, and basically manage the entire promotion of the team. I was extremely happy and proud to have got a chance to be a part of this wonderful team. The energy is inspiring, its positive, and it has a lot of enthusiasm in it. We want to win! It has always been like this from the start and I think that this way we will continue to grow together. The Dynamite team has given me a lot and I hope that my efforts would help the team in some way as well. With the qualifiers coming soon, I hope that we do our best and maybe even clinch the title. Let's go Dynamite!