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Grandmaster Jacob Aagaard in Delhi

It has been my dream to meet Grandmaster Jacob Aagaard ever since I read his book called 'Calculation' from the Grandmaster Preparation Series. My dream turned into reality when he came to New Delhi as a part of his latest book tour.

Let me first introduce GM Aagaard. He is a Scottish Grandmaster and has won the Scottish Chess Championship and the British Chess Championship. He has also been awarded with the FIDE Senior Trainer(FST) title. He is the only person in the world to have won all the major chess book awards. He has trained the likes of Boris Gelfand and Sam Shankland.

I met Mr.Aagaard when he came to give a lecture on decision-making and strategic thinking in chess. It was a two-day workshop and I was proud to have hosted the event. I helped out in the organisation and also gave an opening speech. It was wonderful to meet the master in person as well. I got to learn some insightful details on thinking in chess. I solved a lot of difficult positions that he gave me t…