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Magnus Documentary

I waited in anticipation to see the Magnus Carlsen documentary, which was released in September,2016. I finally got a chance to see it in May, 2017. It was an inspirational film and I really learnt a lot by watching this film.

The documentary traces the journey of a child prodigy ,who went on to win his first world title in 2013. It showcases some exciting moments in the career of the world no.1. Right from the start, Carlsen was clearly exceptional. He had an amazing memory and could recite the names of all the countries in the world, their capitals, and their populations. All this was when he was only four years old. Clearly, this boy was gifted. His father, Henrik Carlsen was also a talented chess player. He was the one to introduce Magnus to the game. However, it wasn't until Magnus was 8 years old that he took the game seriously.

Over the course of time, Magnus played countless tournament games and climbed the ladder of success in chess. Soon he became a Grandmaster and from…

My Tryst with Chess

Seven summers ago, I played in my first rated tournament. It was the Delhi State Open FIDE Rated tournament in 2010. I was just a year into the game and it was my first ever rated tournament experience. Previously, I had competed in a few tournaments, but none of them were of this stature. I was excited, yet at the same time I was nervous. I didn’t know what to expect from a tournament of this kind. I knew that I would be competing against strong players and I was up for the challenge. I think that it was from this tournament that I got to learn more deeply about the game on the international and national circuits. This tournament was an experience to remember and cherish as it was filled with many exciting moments for me. Starting with the very first game, I got to play against an extremely strong player for my level. He was a 1800 ELO rated player and I was just an unrated player without any prior experience. Nevertheless, the game lasted for more than three hours and I was extrem…

Chess Club at MSVV

It was my dream to make chess more popular. I have always wanted to do something to make the game reach hundreds of people in the world. One way to start that was by starting a club in my own school. I drafted a proposal for the club and made its rules and regulations. It was approved by the principal Ms. Meenakshi Sahni and it is now in full swing.
The club is meant for children from grades 1-6. I want to attract children from junior classes because by the time they reach middle school, they would have a clear idea of their future in the game. Besides, the earlier one starts learning ,the better it is.
The club functions during school hours and close to 25 students are a part of it. Students learn to play the game and understand the nuances behind each move. I teach them the basics of opening theory and give them lots of puzzles to solve. I also encourage them to play in more tournaments and give them some of my knowledge from the circuit.
My book- 'Chess Notes' is also avai…