Chess Club at MSVV

It was my dream to make chess more popular. I have always wanted to do something to make the game reach hundreds of people in the world. One way to start that was by starting a club in my own school. I drafted a proposal for the club and made its rules and regulations. It was approved by the principal Ms. Meenakshi Sahni and it is now in full swing.
The club is meant for children from grades 1-6. I want to attract children from junior classes because by the time they reach middle school, they would have a clear idea of their future in the game. Besides, the earlier one starts learning ,the better it is.
The club functions during school hours and close to 25 students are a part of it. Students learn to play the game and understand the nuances behind each move. I teach them the basics of opening theory and give them lots of puzzles to solve. I also encourage them to play in more tournaments and give them some of my knowledge from the circuit.
My book- 'Chess Notes' is also available in the school library. Children can issue the book and learn from it.
I think that this is just the start to something big in the chess arena at Modern. I hope that the club reaches greater heights and continues to prosper in the years to come.


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