Magnus Documentary

I waited in anticipation to see the Magnus Carlsen documentary, which was released in September,2016. I finally got a chance to see it in May, 2017. It was an inspirational film and I really learnt a lot by watching this film.

The documentary traces the journey of a child prodigy ,who went on to win his first world title in 2013. It showcases some exciting moments in the career of the world no.1. Right from the start, Carlsen was clearly exceptional. He had an amazing memory and could recite the names of all the countries in the world, their capitals, and their populations. All this was when he was only four years old. Clearly, this boy was gifted. His father, Henrik Carlsen was also a talented chess player. He was the one to introduce Magnus to the game. However, it wasn't until Magnus was 8 years old that he took the game seriously.

Over the course of time, Magnus played countless tournament games and climbed the ladder of success in chess. Soon he became a Grandmaster and from there it was a journey to the top of the world.

The documentary has live footage of Magnus playing and his entire life story is beautifully shown in this film. It is a must watch for all the people who want to get a sense of what it takes to be a world chess champion at 22!


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