Chess Notes

Chess Notes was my first book as an author. I started writing it when I was twelve ,but did not manage to complete it till I was sixteen. I kept on editing and felt that over the years,I had gained more experience in the field of sports writing and had to remove most of the content and re-write the entire manuscript.

It was a long journey and the most difficult part was to find a publisher. I tried so many times but wasn't able to come to any conclusion. I had thought of giving up the idea altogether when I thought of self publishing. The book was finally released in November,2016 ,and I tried my level best to promote it at numerous places.

The book was endorsed by the MidLand Book Shop in New Delhi, the MSVV senior library, and Chessbase India. I also gave free copies to my students at ISHWAR NGO. Chess Notes got its braille version through the National Association of the Blind, Printing Press. All the blind students, thus, got a copy to keep. The book was even taken up by the AMAR Foundation for their rehabilitation program.

The biggest moment was when people started telling me about their opinions on the book. I was thrilled to receive emails from different people about it. I even got some valuable feedback from the country's best chess trainers. Chess players of different levels came up to me and offered their insights.

The entire journey of writing this book was truly amazing and I learnt a lot along the way. I became more fearless and had the courage to speak about it in front of an audience of over 300 people in the school's annual prize day.

Chess Notes means a lot to me and this entire process led me to publish another book- Trainer's Manual in December,2016.

I think that these two books have given me a headstart into the beautiful world of writing and creative thinking.


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