Chessmine Open Tournament

Come August 7th and I was extremely excited to participate in the strongest open tournament in the world in Bangalore, India. It was a fantastic opportunity to compete against the likes of strong Grandmasters and other titled players.

It was a wonderful event and I learnt a lot from it. I also got a chance to see the games of GMs like Abhijeet Gupta, Sahaj Grover, Vidit Gujrathi, Deep Sengupta, and many more. It was a tournament full of charisma and helped me improve my tactical abilities.

This tournament even had my students from the National Association of the Blind participating. I was happy to see them play against such competitive players. It was an environment that helped them to grow and develop as chess players.

P.S.- The National Challengers concluded last week and I was extremely happy to know that my first opponent in the Commonwealth Championship last year- GM Deepan Chakravarthy finished as the sole winner. I really learnt a lot from him and his attitude towards the game has inspired me till date.


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