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Summer 2018!

The summer 2018 was extremely interesting and different for me. It was the longest break that I had in the past fourteen years. So, I used my time in ways that were diverse and innovative. I worked a lot on my foundation, starting with its registeration to conducting numerous activities for the students. Launching the DRF Scholarships was one of the flagship events under the newly formed foundation. Going through the applications, I was fascinated by the motivated lives of the students. It was a tough task to select the best four out of the fifteen-twenty odd nominations that I received. The ceremony was even more glittering. It was great to host two accomplished girls as guests for the evening- Ms.Shagun Sharma and Ms.Bhushita Ahuja, international cricketer and chess player respectively.
Working in the field of disability, it was important to get in touch with the most involved people in the area. Project Checkmate, thus, partnered with promising Blind chess players Darpan Inani, Pr…

Launching my foundation.....

I always wanted to make a change in my society for the better, and make a positive difference to the world. However, I wanted to do it in my own way. For two years, I ran my Project Checkmate without getting it registered. I thought and thought as to why I wasn't getting to the next step that I wanted to reach. That's when I realized that I had to get my work authenticated by the Indian Law and the Government. So, I finished high school and during the time between my school studies and my university education, I ventured into the toiling task of launching my own foundation. It took me four months and I finally got certified by the Government to run my own trust fund. The main aims of this fund is to support and empower the country and the world through sport, education, health, and sustainability, the most important sections of my life.

After this long haul of getting the DRF into play, I am now trying my level best to get more educated on running an established non-profit by …

The Rise and Rise of NIKE,Inc.

Nadal-Check. Federer-Check.S. Williams-Check. Sampras-Check. Agassi-Check. Well, the one thing that all of them have/had in common is the 'Swoosh.' Most of you might be familiar with what I'm talking about. However, for those who aren't, it's none other than the mega sports brand NIKE. So, you might be wondering WHY NIKE? Almost everyone knows about this super-brand and has some NIKE Gear, but what one doesn't know JUST DO IT
is the story behind the immaculate success of this brand NIKE, derived from the goddess of victory in mythology. (Please note that I have just finished 'Shoe Dog', so my fan craze for NIKE has gone over the moon. If you haven't already bought a copy, buy it NOW.) NIKE was formed as the Blue Ribbon Sports Company by the now billionaire mogul -Phil Knight- way back around the 60s-70s. It started as a 'Crazy Idea' from b-School (Stanford Graduate School of Business), saw many ups and downs and finally reached the point whe…

Checkmating the odds with Project Checkmate

It’s already been two years since I started Project Checkmate. I can feel a huge sense of satisfaction for having started this program. Not only was I able to give back to my community but also to chess, a game that I adore. Chess to me is a healer, and I believe that it has turned out to be one for my students as well. It is a great sport to participate in and take out your stresses from your life. It also helps one to become more focused and dedicated, reflecting on the past, present, and the future. Chess boosts one’s memory and creative skills. Moreover, it helps to carve out a unique niche for each player. With so many tools to explore and experience, chess turned out to be a motivating factor for the students learning under the project. With each tournament, they gained something new. From one part of the city and country to another part, they travelled recklessly, aiming to conquer the world. From FIDE ratings to cash prizes, they reached for the stars.

Personally, it was extr…

Queen’s Young Leaders Leading Change

It all happened on one afternoon in December, just two days short of my eighteenth birthday. I was announced as a Queen’s Young Leader Highly Commended Runner-Up. Then, over the course of four  months, the journey has been extraordinary.

In January 2018, I started the ‘Leading Change’ course by the University of Cambridge,Institute of Continuing Education. Our course director Frances Brown welcomed us into the world of the QYL. We were briefed on the course requirements and what we should expect to get out of the course. I was extremely excited to watch all the interesting videos and the featured content. A few weeks later, I received a packet from Cambridge with the special gifts and letters of achievement. It was a real honour.

As I went on with each module in the course, I was made to think and think deeply. Self-reflection was a key concept throughout and we were mentored by the course director and the numerous other instructors. The course provided a platform to engage in conver…

Meeting Super Grandmaster Harikrishna Pentala

The second season of the PRO Chess League was extremely exciting. The drama on the board and the off the board events like the Move of the Week, Game of the week, and other things really put extra fire on the board. However, the best thing that happened was getting Super Grandmaster Pentala  Harikrishna play for Delhi Dynamite.

One of the nicest human beings that I have met, Hari, as he is fondly known, is a great team player. During my conversation with him, I came to know so much more about how to improve the team’s activities and build a brand. He knew everything about everything. It’s just so inspirational to know someone like him.

I felt on top of the world after meeting him. I got some killer advice from him- Do whatever you have to do but always aim for the best even if you don’t achieve it. I really think that my interaction with him was outstanding.

I hope he wins the World Championship in the future and continues to play for the Dynamite.

Delhi Dynamite’s Season 2 of the PRO Chess League

Delhi Dynamite had a superb run at the Second Season of the PRO Chess League. The team finished as runner’s up in the Eastern Division and qualified for the play-offs losing narrowly in the final moments of the match against the Mumbai Movers,who were represented by Vishy Anand and Vidit Gujrathi on boards 1 and 2.

The Delhi Dynamite team finally found its super GM in Grandmaster Harikrishna Pentala who scored 6 points out of 8 games in the league. I would like to thank my guide and coach IM Vishal Sareen and my Grandmaster friend Abhijeet Gupta for bringing him to play for us.

My experience of working with this team was phenomenal. I got to stream live on TwitchTV, interviewed players for our YouTube channel, wrote articles on different platforms, got interviewed myself for Hindustan Times Sport and India Today, managed the player queries, got to see the players’ reactions on our Zoom chat, and much more. It was really interesting to understand how the player line-ups function and w…

The PRO Chess League season 2 so far...

The PRO Chess League began with a bang on January 18th,2018 on After a gruelling five rounds of play, one can only take some rest till the next match on the 14th of February.

Personally, I felt on top of the world to handle all the media accounts yet again this year. Interviewing the players was another great way for me to get into the minds of some of the best in the country and in the world. We played together for two of our matches and it was a fantastic moment to watch three international masters commentate live for the team channel. I was also motivated to start the TwitchTV stream and when it finally started I was elated. This season our team bagged the best social  media prize and it was a reward for our team spirit.

The biggest surprise came when GM Harikrishna Pentala joined our team as a free agent. To have such a fine player on our squad is a great way to move forward in the league, which is much stronger this year.

I now look towards the remaining matches, wher…

The PRO Chess League Season 2

The second season of the PRO Chess League is here, and I can’t wait for it to start. I am proud to be a part of this global chess bonanza for the second consecutive year as a manager and owner of the Delhi Dynamite team, the only Indian team to have qualified directly for season 2. It was a privilege to be a part of this team last year by doing commentary, shooting videos, taking interviews, writing reports and other pieces, and promoting the team overall. It was also nice to handle all the operations of the team, giving me a sense of what it is like to be an owner of a sports league team.

This time I am excited to be working on the team’s image overall. I look forward to doing the live commentary again. After the social media promotions, I love to watch what our players have to say about the league. This is where my communication skills are tested as I have to ask many questions to  some of the elitist players in the chess world. It is a great experience to work with these exception…