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The PRO Chess League season 2 so far...

The PRO Chess League began with a bang on January 18th,2018 on After a gruelling five rounds of play, one can only take some rest till the next match on the 14th of February.

Personally, I felt on top of the world to handle all the media accounts yet again this year. Interviewing the players was another great way for me to get into the minds of some of the best in the country and in the world. We played together for two of our matches and it was a fantastic moment to watch three international masters commentate live for the team channel. I was also motivated to start the TwitchTV stream and when it finally started I was elated. This season our team bagged the best social  media prize and it was a reward for our team spirit.

The biggest surprise came when GM Harikrishna Pentala joined our team as a free agent. To have such a fine player on our squad is a great way to move forward in the league, which is much stronger this year.

I now look towards the remaining matches, wher…