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Queen’s Young Leaders Leading Change

It all happened on one afternoon in December, just two days short of my eighteenth birthday. I was announced as a Queen’s Young Leader Highly Commended Runner-Up. Then, over the course of four  months, the journey has been extraordinary.

In January 2018, I started the ‘Leading Change’ course by the University of Cambridge,Institute of Continuing Education. Our course director Frances Brown welcomed us into the world of the QYL. We were briefed on the course requirements and what we should expect to get out of the course. I was extremely excited to watch all the interesting videos and the featured content. A few weeks later, I received a packet from Cambridge with the special gifts and letters of achievement. It was a real honour.

As I went on with each module in the course, I was made to think and think deeply. Self-reflection was a key concept throughout and we were mentored by the course director and the numerous other instructors. The course provided a platform to engage in conver…

Meeting Super Grandmaster Harikrishna Pentala

The second season of the PRO Chess League was extremely exciting. The drama on the board and the off the board events like the Move of the Week, Game of the week, and other things really put extra fire on the board. However, the best thing that happened was getting Super Grandmaster Pentala  Harikrishna play for Delhi Dynamite.

One of the nicest human beings that I have met, Hari, as he is fondly known, is a great team player. During my conversation with him, I came to know so much more about how to improve the team’s activities and build a brand. He knew everything about everything. It’s just so inspirational to know someone like him.

I felt on top of the world after meeting him. I got some killer advice from him- Do whatever you have to do but always aim for the best even if you don’t achieve it. I really think that my interaction with him was outstanding.

I hope he wins the World Championship in the future and continues to play for the Dynamite.