Queen’s Young Leaders Leading Change

It all happened on one afternoon in December, just two days short of my eighteenth birthday. I was announced as a Queen’s Young Leader Highly Commended Runner-Up. Then, over the course of four  months, the journey has been extraordinary.

In January 2018, I started the ‘Leading Change’ course by the University of Cambridge,Institute of Continuing Education. Our course director Frances Brown welcomed us into the world of the QYL. We were briefed on the course requirements and what we should expect to get out of the course. I was extremely excited to watch all the interesting videos and the featured content. A few weeks later, I received a packet from Cambridge with the special gifts and letters of achievement. It was a real honour.

As I went on with each module in the course, I was made to think and think deeply. Self-reflection was a key concept throughout and we were mentored by the course director and the numerous other instructors. The course provided a platform to engage in conversations with other young leaders and I took great opportunity of that. I was fortunate enough to speak with people from five continents- Africa,Asia,Europe, Australia, and America. I communicated with youth icons in their fields namely Zaiba Tahhya from Bangladesh, Lily Kumkee from Australia, Shadrack Frimpyong from Africa, Gabrielle Davida Gay from Barbados, and Lucy Watts from the United Kingdom. Each conversation on Skype and over the phone was immensely educational. It was interesting to understand the world through its people from all over. The experience was tremendous and I gained so much insight into the lives of the youth of the future. Moreover, with each conversation, I understood the value system in each country, a mammoth task that cannot be found mainly on Google Search.

The course not only gave me these opportunities to converse with different people. It also helped me connect with experts in their fields. I was able to create my own mission statement for my project Checkmate through my conversations with instructor Tracey Bovingdon. Leadership in any space is essential, so the module on Leadership with Jaaden Geerts was amazing. Jaaden also gave me important feedback on my documents on leadership as a part of the module assignment. Then came the Pathway Taster week. It was fun to watch our instructors and choose a Pathway from Entreprenurship and Innovation, Alt.commons, Advocacy and Activism, and much more. Specialisation in one of these pathways would prove beneficiary for any non-profit or for-profit venture.

Besides these fantastic activities, the honour of being selected as a Queen’s Young Leader took me to the British High Commissioner’s Residence, where I was invited for a party to celebrate the Queen’s Birthday.

It’s just been four months into this course and I can’t wait to go in deeper in the coming months. The chance to become a Queen’s Young Leader is a once in a lifetime experience and I feel that the journey to succeed has just begun. Looking forward to the next steps to LEADING CHANGE. 


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