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The Rise and Rise of NIKE,Inc.

Nadal-Check. Federer-Check.S. Williams-Check. Sampras-Check. Agassi-Check. Well, the one thing that all of them have/had in common is the 'Swoosh.' Most of you might be familiar with what I'm talking about. However, for those who aren't, it's none other than the mega sports brand NIKE. So, you might be wondering WHY NIKE? Almost everyone knows about this super-brand and has some NIKE Gear, but what one doesn't know JUST DO IT
is the story behind the immaculate success of this brand NIKE, derived from the goddess of victory in mythology. (Please note that I have just finished 'Shoe Dog', so my fan craze for NIKE has gone over the moon. If you haven't already bought a copy, buy it NOW.) NIKE was formed as the Blue Ribbon Sports Company by the now billionaire mogul -Phil Knight- way back around the 60s-70s. It started as a 'Crazy Idea' from b-School (Stanford Graduate School of Business), saw many ups and downs and finally reached the point whe…

Checkmating the odds with Project Checkmate

It’s already been two years since I started Project Checkmate. I can feel a huge sense of satisfaction for having started this program. Not only was I able to give back to my community but also to chess, a game that I adore. Chess to me is a healer, and I believe that it has turned out to be one for my students as well. It is a great sport to participate in and take out your stresses from your life. It also helps one to become more focused and dedicated, reflecting on the past, present, and the future. Chess boosts one’s memory and creative skills. Moreover, it helps to carve out a unique niche for each player. With so many tools to explore and experience, chess turned out to be a motivating factor for the students learning under the project. With each tournament, they gained something new. From one part of the city and country to another part, they travelled recklessly, aiming to conquer the world. From FIDE ratings to cash prizes, they reached for the stars.

Personally, it was extr…