Checkmating the odds with Project Checkmate

It’s already been two years since I started Project Checkmate. I can feel a huge sense of satisfaction for having started this program. Not only was I able to give back to my community but also to chess, a game that I adore. Chess to me is a healer, and I believe that it has turned out to be one for my students as well. It is a great sport to participate in and take out your stresses from your life. It also helps one to become more focused and dedicated, reflecting on the past, present, and the future. Chess boosts one’s memory and creative skills. Moreover, it helps to carve out a unique niche for each player. With so many tools to explore and experience, chess turned out to be a motivating factor for the students learning under the project. With each tournament, they gained something new. From one part of the city and country to another part, they travelled recklessly, aiming to conquer the world. From FIDE ratings to cash prizes, they reached for the stars.

Personally, it was extremely inspirational for me to be a part of their journey. I felt proud with each victory and felt prouder on a defeat as I knew that I could learn from that to expand the program’s horizons. To me, learning is a life-long journey and as cliche as it might sound the path to chess mastery is one as well. Nobody is perfect in this game and that is why it has stayed for centuries and not died along the way. Even though engines might have come up, the human mind is still strong enough to keep the competition going. Throughout my teaching and training, I grew by leaps and bounds. Not only did I teach what I knew, but also went out of my way to research on different things. I couldn’t believe the things that I read about and it opened an entire new dimension for me.

So, with all this kept in my mind, I firmly believe that I can now go on to reach out to even more people and share my story with them, hoping that it will open new avenues for everyone. 


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