Launching my foundation.....

I always wanted to make a change in my society for the better, and make a positive difference to the world. However, I wanted to do it in my own way. For two years, I ran my Project Checkmate without getting it registered. I thought and thought as to why I wasn't getting to the next step that I wanted to reach. That's when I realized that I had to get my work authenticated by the Indian Law and the Government. So, I finished high school and during the time between my school studies and my university education, I ventured into the toiling task of launching my own foundation. It took me four months and I finally got certified by the Government to run my own trust fund. The main aims of this fund is to support and empower the country and the world through sport, education, health, and sustainability, the most important sections of my life.

After this long haul of getting the DRF into play, I am now trying my level best to get more educated on running an established non-profit by meeting and talking to some of the best in the field, who I know. Although, it's just the start, I believe that it is a positive step in the direction of my future goals. I hope that I could, with my work through the DRF, enlighten my country INDIA and hopefully even the world!

P.S.- I would like to invite you to join me in this endeavor and support me in whatever way you can. Let's do this!


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