Summer 2018!

The summer 2018 was extremely interesting and different for me. It was the longest break that I had in the past fourteen years. So, I used my time in ways that were diverse and innovative. I worked a lot on my foundation, starting with its registeration to conducting numerous activities for the students. Launching the DRF Scholarships was one of the flagship events under the newly formed foundation. Going through the applications, I was fascinated by the motivated lives of the students. It was a tough task to select the best four out of the fifteen-twenty odd nominations that I received. The ceremony was even more glittering. It was great to host two accomplished girls as guests for the evening- Ms.Shagun Sharma and Ms.Bhushita Ahuja, international cricketer and chess player respectively.
Working in the field of disability, it was important to get in touch with the most involved people in the area. Project Checkmate, thus, partnered with promising Blind chess players Darpan Inani, Prachurya Pradhan, Kishan Gangolli, and Aryan Joshi. They became our brand ambassadors.

I also felt that the sport wasn’t being able to reach everyone. So, I started a blog called Checkmate Blog to cover the inspirational stories of the visually challenged and disabled players. So far, this blog has received a good response amongst the community and outside as well.

The Queen’s Young Leaders Programme continued and its tasks helped me to get in touch with so many individuals and leaders. I was able to collaborate with leaders from India, Barbados, and Fiji. Heath camps on dental hygiene, mental health, and menstrual Hygiene were conducted for the students learning under the programme. It was an eye-opening experience for not just them but for me as well.

Apart from my volunteering work, I did a lot of sports journalistic work. Interviewing chess players, a golfer, and a mountaineer was fantastic. It helped me gain some positive vibes and perspectives in my life. I also got to think in a way similar to these accomplished minds. Reading non-fictional books was also a way to improve my understanding of the world and how it works.

There was just so much time to do many things that I felt that the summer shouldn’t get over. Now, as I pack my bags for my next destination-Berkeley-, I can’t wait to experience life in a completely new space and territory. 


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