Back After A Break

Rest is like a bliss in a person's life. Yes, to me it was when I took a break from this blog. I didn't actually relax completely, to be honest. I took on a new adventure in my life. I started studying abroad for the first time ever, and I think I needed some time-off from sharing my own opinions and learning from those of others. At Cal, I went from being a high school senior to a completely new freshman. It took a while to get used to this change, but the experience was like no other. In the first four months of the fall semester, I tried to understand the dynamics behind being a student at the core of the silicon valley. From meeting entrepreneurs to reading about World Literature to studying the theories behind how our psychological system works all while dabbling my hands at public speaking across some famous spots in town, I learnt to be free in my thoughts and expose myself to the global aspect of the world. 

The best learning happens outside of your comfort zone, and I believe that I did that by pausing on my own written expressions for a while and focusing on the philosophies of the renowned professors. It definitely did me some good to sit back, relax, and enjoy the lectures!  


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